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Software Development Engineer
Monthly Salary(RMB) City Work Experience Academic Requirements Hiring Number Position Type
Negotiable Shanghai Unlimited Bachelor/Undergraduate and equivalent 30 Full Time


Job Responsibilities

    1. Complete the software system and module requirements investigation and analysis based on the company's business; 2. Responsible for the development of software systems and modules; 3. Cooperate with testers to complete system testing and optimization; 4. Update iterative system functions

Job Requirements

I. Educational requirements: 2020 full-time colleges and universities with a bachelor degree or above and a corresponding degree. 2. Professional requirements: Computer, network communication, electronic information and other related majors. 3. Comprehensive quality requirements: 1. Have good communication skills and strong teamwork spirit; 2. Have at least a certificate of college English level 4 and above, overseas students are not required.

Work Place


Company Profile

    As an important branch of China Unicom in Shanghai, after years of rapid development and strategic layout, Shanghai Unicom has made solid progress in business transformation and gradually realized the transformation from traditional operators to innovative service providers such as smart applications, the Internet of Things, and ICT; A historic breakthrough was achieved in the reform of mixed ownership, in-depth implementation of the focus, innovation, and cooperation strategy, adherence to new development concepts, cultivation of a strong Internet new gene, exploration and improvement of the company's mixed reform and new governance, efforts to accelerate new Internet-based operations, and efforts to enhance new momentum for innovation and development. Establish a new ecology of outreach and internal communication, and strive to forge ahead in the era of innovation. Shanghai Unicom attaches great importance to the construction of the talent team and mechanism. In order to accelerat...

Company Information

  • Company Name

    China Unicom

    Company Industry


    Company Scale

    1000 and above

    Nature of Business


    Company Address

    Floor 2, 62 longchang road, yangpu district, Shanghai