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Finance Specialist (Cashier)
Monthly Salary(RMB) City Work Experience Academic Requirements Hiring Number Position Type
Negotiable Dong Nai Unlimited Bachelor/Undergraduate and equivalent Some Full Time


Job Responsibilities

    1. Handling the receipt and payment and settlement of cash and bank deposits. 2. Compilation of bank deposit journals. 3. Preparation of fund plans and various fund statements.

Job Requirements

1. University degree or above; major in finance and accounting is preferred. 2. Relevant work experience is preferred. 3. Proficient in Office software. 4. Strong analytical ability, logical thinking ability, insight ability, communication ability, sensitive to numbers. 5. Vietnamese and Chinese. 6. Accounting certificate is preferred.

Work Place

    Renze Industrial City, Dong nai province, Vietnam

Company Profile

    BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE), founded in April 1993, is an Internet of Things company that provides smart port products and professional services for information interaction and human health. The core business includes port devices, smart things, and smart medical workers.

Company Information

  • Company Name

    BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

    Company Industry


    Company Scale

    1000 and above

    Nature of Business

    Listed Company

    Company Address

    Boe Core Capacity Building, No. 1, Xihuan Middle Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing, China