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Full-Time/Part-time Foreign Proofreaders
Monthly Salary(RMB) City Work Experience Academic Requirements Hiring Number Position Type
10k-15k Beijing 1-3 Year Bachelor/Undergraduate and equivalent 1 Full Time


    Five social insurance and one housing fund, performance bonus, package food, flexible work time, holiday welfare

Job Responsibilities

    1. Review the articles written / translated by Chinese employees; 2. Work with Chinese translation teams or other functional departments to ensure the overall quality of the translated documents; 3. Other tasks assigned by the project manager.

Job Requirements

1. English is a native language and a bachelor degree or above. 2. HSK Ability Test Level 4 or above. 3. Strong teamwork spirit, able to adapt to high-intensity work pressure. 4, proficient in office software, proficiency in CAT translation tools is preferred.

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Company Profile

    Beijing Chinese-Foreign Translation & Information Service (CTIS) is a state-owned enterprise under the China Foreign Languages ??Publishing and Publication Bureau (Foreign Language Bureau). The company was founded in 1983 and has more than 30 years of development history. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to creating a "national team" for translation. Relying on decades of translation work experience, translation talent resources, and the industry advantages of the China Translation Association in charge of the Foreign Language Bureau, it has gathered well-known translators at home and abroad. , Internationally renowned sinologists, foreign think tanks and relevant personnel of international translation organizations, forming an authoritative, professional and comprehensive expert advisory team to help. The company has been engaged in multilingual interpretation and translation services for many years, including two-way translation of more than 30 languages, in...

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    Beijing Chinese-Foreign Translation & Information Service Co., Ltd.

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    Baiwanzhuang Street 24, Xicheng District, Beijing (CIPG)